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Snow White and the Huntsman

Having watched 'Mirror, Mirror' with Lily Collins and Julia Roberts I was looking forward to seeing the darker version of Snow White with Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron. So I went to see it with my best friend to have her taken on the whole thing as well and her being her wonderful sarcastic self I knew I would not be bored. Now do not get me wrong, it was not a bad movie. It was full of wonderful entertainment and I honestly did not think that my money was wasted. There where however some brilliant ‘What were they thinking moments?’ that I could just not keep to myself. So be warned as this will be full of spoilers.

Yes we are dealing with a magical film where apples and their blossom grow at the same time and Mother nature (assuming that’s what magical deer was supposed to be) was a man (political correctness deserves some credit here) so it should have been suspicions to the king that an army of black crystal men were not actually fighting to guard a locked up woman. Instead the king falls madly in love and marries her within a day. Of course she is going to turn around and kill the king. She was also a wonderfully strong queen. It was not really her fault that her presence alone killed off all the plants that where necessary for food supply. Magic after all has its consequences. At the same time she did not show the greatest sense by allowing her own brother to provide Snow White with clothing (yes they did wear pants under dresses for the cold, but they were not leather and that fitted) in addition to perfectly fitted boots that where excellent for making an escape. Not to mention the utter failure of closing that little window leading into the sewers that Snow White use to escape from, never mind that it was the perfect way to get back into the city for the dwarves, but what if someone else would use that to get out.

The escape of course was brilliant...birds leading the way, a horse ready for riding even though she was never seen on a horse as a child (and without any lessons falling off that animal would be a guarantee even with a saddle). The impressive thing was the Dark forests where the queen would lose her power for some odd reason that was never explained...even though the only power that the place seemed to have where hallucinogens vapours from its plants.

The visuals did impress and the camera work was fantastic even though it was essentially a scaled down version of Lord of the Rings with the running around in forests and snow covered mountains with nine companions to one person destined to save the kingdom. It was very impressive that she managed to learn how to fight with a sword in a matter of days well enough that she managed to defeat even trained soldiers. Go Snow White! Even though she did decide that throwing away her shield right before attacking the queen was a good thing. What was not that impressive was her speech to motivate her soldiers. I would have joined the Queen with her whole ‘giving this wretched world a queen it deserves’. That speech at least made sense.

In the end the things that made it brilliant where the little bits: the wonderfully wicked queen and an actual explanation for her desire to remain young; a prince charming that was actually not a prince but the son of a duke; an apple scene that made sense; a dwarf that tried to make a move on Snow White; and a Huntsman that managed to steal the heart of princess. Overall it was a nice twist to a classic brothers Grimm fairytale.


Ranting on Maggot in the Meathead

Another week, another episode of Bones. Something light to the heavy emotional load from last week, but still plenty of heartbreak.

First of all….I am so desperately trying not to laugh. I have never watched Jersey Shore, but after watching Bones I am really tempted. ED was brilliant once again as our dear Bones. Seeing the ‘guidos’ (loving the fact that Word does not recognize this word :) ) from her point of view was absolutely brilliant and I am not sure which bit was more entertaining- Sweets or Brennan being Booth’s translators. It was amazing. GTL- Gym, Tan, Laundry... that was so hilarious and sums up Brennan so brilliantly and Booth’s ‘what the hell is going on with you’ moments in the episode were spectacular! Only one thing, as entertaining as it was, did not fit into the episode. Brennan’s attempt to intimidate the guy into submission- she is an anthropologist and as such she would not have interfered in the first place. Observation and contact is allowed and imitation, but a direct confrontation like that would not take place.

The whole Angela being pregnant...she wants to keep it a secret and yet she has pretty much told everyone. Hodgins will be so disappointed, but I am really curious on how he wanted to tell everyone and we hopefully will get to see that *fingers crosses* and not for any other reason but to see his reaction when he figures out that everyone already knew.

The Brennan/Hannah scene. I am trying to get my mind around it. My original reaction? Awww...sweet Brennan knows Booth so well! Then of course I had to dissect everything, sue me for that *not really, I am a poor post-graduate student, I would NOT be able to defend myself*. Hannah clearly knows that Brennan knows Booth very well and I guess this was one way to show how well she actually did. They have been together for years, midnight talks; lunches at the diner, dinner at each other’s houses...they really were ‘married without the sex’ as Angela put it.  Is it just me or has Brennan gotten around to explaining her actions so much more this season? Hannah’s ‘you’re quite literal’ was explained by Brennan to be a reaction to make sure that nothing is misunderstood in conversations. Facts just make communication so easier, the problem with Brennan of course is the fact that she is all about facts and forgets the emotions behind them. Had she combined her emotions with her factional analysis then the whole 100th episode would have gone differently! *Oookay getting way to emotionally invested in this*.

It is curious to me that Hannah used the term ‘partners’, never once friends. ‘Booth is lucky to have a partner that knows him so well’, of course they are partners, but they are friends as well and it was interesting that Hannah has actually never used that term. Or this is just me looking too much into it. Of course Brennan here was brilliant pointing out that she was a ‘necessity’ to Booth, of course mainly because she is an anthropologist and they solve crimes together. At the same time she also justifies her role in Booth’s life, her deep understanding of his character, his likes and dislikes. Is she afraid that her dynamic with Booth will changes? He is extremely important to her, a pillar in her life. It is also because of that why I found the ending scene to sad. But I will get back to that in the next paragraph. Brennan talking about Booth’s love (not sure that is the right word, but I will go with it in this case) for that phone was so sweet to watch, in that scene it was so apparent how much Brennan actually loved Booth and was passionate about the things that were important to him. Looking back their debates have always been fascinating because Brennan has always been willing to understand Booth’s passion even if she does not agree with it. Brennan’s fear that Booth will get hurt because of Hannah made me love her more and also broke my heart, Hannah coming back to be with Booth while she was unable to love him because she was afraid to hurt him...damn Hanson for making me feel so much.

The ending scene. I love the fact that the women are trying to embrace Hannah because they know she is important to Booth and because Brennan as well is giving her a chance. But there were so many things going on in those minutes! Hannah’s ‘I don’t really do that’ Brennan believing that she was being nice...well that is something Brennan would have said. The whole phone thing again, Brennan should have just bought him the thing herself, but of course that goes against her characteristics. Instead Brennan forgets for just a second that it was not her who bought the bloody thing. As well, Booth saying thank you, I cannot even be sure he just meant Hannah, his eyes turned to Brennan as well. I do like Hannah, I believe she genuinely likes Brennan as well and makes sure to include her, but asking her to stay for dinner...I get it, but I did not like it. But Booth...the way he walks after Bones, he wants to make sure that she is still in his life and the way he was looking at her...he still loves her deeply. It’s all in the eyes and I love DB and ED so much for what they can do with their eyes. Even so, I just wanted to hug Brennan!

Sweets! Hello and thank you for pointing out the obvious, Booth fails to see that even though he loves Hannah (and I really think he does) that relationship was created in extreme circumstances! This will most likely be the way the relationship will end (and it better do because even though I like Hannah, I love Brennan).

And a few interesting notes that I just had to get out there- the fight at the bar with the girls, why did Booth not do anything!?! That was so unlike him not to interfere in that situation. At the same time the whole ‘I don’t like watching my back’ thing with the doorman? Priceless. Yes, one does not challenge Booth and think he will not challenge back and actually do something.

So that was this episode, we shall see what next week brings :)


Lets rant away on 6x02

This will be kind of fun I guess, although I have never ranted about TV show in writing. Bare in mind people, this is a rant, so there is no real order to the whole thing. :D

We met Hannah, the beautiful, intelligent, fun, impulsive, law-breaking war-reporter. The emotional version of Brennan. She is an award winning and respected journalist who can connect with people. The scene in which they have lunch together, we see these two brilliantly beautiful women, who have had success in their chosen fields. Fields that they love, but they have such different ways of coping with everything else. Brennan in that scene was the observant one, interestingly enough. She points out the law breaking connected her and Booth, without actually saying a world. Such beautiful moment with ED and DB there, their eyes told the whole story. Booth seeing the similarities as well through Brennan. I think in the end Booth will not want to admit that the reason he fell for Hannah, and I do think he loves her, was because she has all the qualities of Brennan but is willing to believe in love.

The metaphors in the episode, so many, so annoying and yet so very much needed. Hanson and crew are leading us, and this is just my humble opinion, towards a Booth/Brennan realization. What I mean by that is something that some wonderful lj writers have already used- Hannah becoming the voice of reason in Booth and Brennan’s relationship. It can be that she will point in out to Booth (Alura_Embrey in her short story of Proof, read and you will know what I meanJ alura-embrey.livejournal.com/12658.html), but I think she will actually talk to Bones instead. As we know Booth has already tried giving this relationship a chance, did not go very well. The problem was not that Brennan did not care; the problem was that Brennan cared too much and still does. She loves Booth, but knows who she really is, or thinks she is. In the last episode she points out that she has the life she thought she would have. A life that she has created for herself, based on the facts that she believes make up her life. The problem with that is that she has already changed and become someone who cares and wants human contact. Even back in season 1, she did not want Angela to leave because she was dear to her, in addition to being brilliant in what she does. As for Hannah, I think she will be the one to finally point out to Brennan that Booth has never wanted her to change and that she does have an open heart.

Booth and Brennan moments- at the beginning of course, Brennan being curious about Hannah and Booth seriousness about the whole situation. ‘Maybe you didn’t really love her?’ was an interesting question. A theme in the episode of course that we get an answer at the end. Brennan is curious of how someone can love so many people romantically at such a short interval. Booth’s continuing response of ‘I do love her, I do’ is fascinating to watch. Booth fell in love with Hannah in Afghanistan, away from Brennan and her rejection. Back in Washington he has to deal with the fact that the loves to women, one that he can have and one that he can’t. He in a way confirms his need to love Hannah, to have his ‘thirty or forty or fifty years’ of being together with someone and is understanding that in order to really have that he has to understand his relationship with Brennan. That brings up something interesting at the diner, Booth’s ‘I could not ask her to leave, nor could she have asked me to stay’ reflects on the situation right at the end of season 5. They could have stopped each other, but refused to do so because a fear towards each other. In addition Booth’s confession that he was miserable leaving Hannah behind in when he came back, but the fact that he is happy with her in his life, shows that he felt that he left the past in the past. Brennan he really believes has been left in the past, but of course things like these never stay there. Booth being happy is wonderful and he deserves to have someone in his life that has the same values as him.

Sweets, Booth and Brennan- I did squeal a little when Brennan mentioned fantazising about Booth and a possible relationship. Looking back at episode one of this season, Brennan was much more willing to discuss their relationship, but after hearing that Booth had fallen in love, she took a step back. Taking a step back does not necessarily mean that she has given up. She has become curious about the kind of women that Booth wants to be with. With Hannah we have already seen that Brennan is jealous, but unwilling to admit to that. Having spent 7 months away from Booth, she had clearly made some revelations regarding their relationship, but we can only see snippets of it in conversations and her actions. It is possible that she came back, wanting to go back to their old interaction, but with the intent to analyse a possible change in their relationship if they would get romantically linked. Now she has to understand that she herself has to be taken away from the fraction. At the same time she seems to understand that things can shape in directions no one was able to calculate, Angela and Cam have changed so why can’t she. It will be very interesting to see what will happen with Brennan in this season.:)

On a side not from by ramblings on BB...Clark in the last episode was just brilliant! And having him face the wrath of a jealous Brennan. Brilliant. Clark has officially joined the ‘squints’, discussing the personal lives of the lab...and being so mortified at doing that?!? Yes, he has become one of them; his life will never be the same.

Sweets and Daisy a reflection again on Booth and Brennan. The metaphors people, they are just throwing them at us and we are only two episodes in! Booth saying that Sweets needs to move on from Daisy and find someone else meant for him. So in order for Booth to get the situation we need to have Sweets and Daisy back together again.

And I can't believe that I have just ranted my first every rant! It is actually very exiting:)

Aug. 22nd, 2010

When the time comes that my dissertation makes me feel.....some very angry feelings, and I feel like I want to bang my head against the wall, I go to the park. Something about the walking and being reminded how nature does everything without effort just makes me feel more relaxed. But when I ran across some little bees being very busy with their work it reminded me that hard work does pay off in the end:D And I am very glad that even an amateur photographer can sometimes get a good picture.:)


Vampires are taking over.

I hardly ever post anything. I like to read instead :D Plus my writing is private. But anyway, today I got the giggles at the Record Office, where I have been for weeks looking for files. My table was next to the reception desk where everyone can see the computer screen. The brilliant bit, the desktop image was none other than the very sexy Eric from True Blood.
That just made my day. To be fair, vampires are old...so are the records. :D

Writer's Block: Take the pain away

If you could say anything you want to the person who has hurt you most in life, what would it be? Did you ever confront them? Why or why not?

If I could...then I would tell him exactly how much his behaviour has hurt me my whole life. And why now I feel incapable of trusting people, especially men. But most importantly I would tell him that it would be better not to have a father at all than one who makes you feel unworthy of being loved.

But because I am a person who keeps everything for themselves, it will eventually take something major for me to just scream everything at him.

This is what happens when I can't say no to people. I end up being in videos.
His idea- get to of his best female friends to act out a lesbian relationship. Why should I do it? Because he promised me chocolate and with chocolate I will pretty much do anything. To be fair we had loads of fun!


Books of Influence

A dear friend of mine asked me to mention 15 books that I have been influenced by. In all honestly all of the books that I have read have influenced me in one way or another, but here are a few of them and some of them are very VERY random.

Erich Marie Remarque Arch of Triumph

Mitch Albom The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Danny Wallace Yes Man

Patricia Scanlan Finishing Touches

Rhonda Byrne The Secret

Michael Sappol A Traffic of Dead Bodies

Charlotte Perkins Gilman The Crux

Michael Ende Die Unendliche Geschichte

Jonathan Weiner The Beak of the Finch

Arthur Koestler The Sleepwalkers

George Orwell 1984

Philip Pullman The Amber Spyglass

Olavi Ruitlane Naine

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen Influence

Pierre Boulle Planet of the Apes

Things to watch..

Things that I am so going to watch, even if I have to wait until the DVD comes out, because I really have no time to go and see them at this point. But at least by writing them down, I will be constantly reminded of them :P

Fantastic Mr. Fox - directed by Wes Anderson and with Meryl Streep, William Dafoe, Bill Murray and George Clooney. How can I say no:D

Broken Embraces- I love anything that Penelope Cruz and Pedro Almodovar create together. Volver is still amongst my favorite films.

Julie and Julia- Ok, that will be watched this weekend. Finally. I just love Amy Adams and Meryl Streep!

Away We Go- Sam Mendes directing Maggie Gyllenhaal and Allison Janney? I cannot miss this one.

The Soloist- I just love the story and alright Robert Downey Jr. as well.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus- Terry Gilliam is enough for me. Plus I really want to see how the whole replacing Heath Ledger with Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell and Jude Law worked out.

An Education-  A 60's film. With Emma Thompson. Enough said.

..and knowing myself, the list will continue really quickly.


the beginning

Let me tell you something about myself- I know that I believe in God but I also believe in the ultimate balance- what ever you do will counter itself out with something else.

I love reading, not because it makes you smarter, but because it makes me think and try to understand everything that is around me. I like to give inspiration but I hate giving advice, because no one should tell others how to live their lives. Mistakes are there to be maid but that does not mean that I will not listen. I always do- even when a friend calls me at 3am in the morning. I will just get a cup of coffee and make myself comfortable.


I love little things in life- a fallen cherry blossom on the sidewalk- I will be the person picking it up. Watching a sunrise, or falling snow. Even rain can be fun. And of course that morning coffee that wakes you up, while you walk with your bare feet on the grass in the early hours of the morning. Take that moment if you have your own house with a garden. It gives an entirely new perspective.


I love smiling; it can make someone’s day just to receive a smile. And I do it all the time. I have been beaten down, but because I believe that there is a reason for everything I will always try to shake it off as quickly as possible. Which of course doesn’t mean that I do not have the occasion “I hate everything and everyone” moment.


I am scared of never finding myself and being completely comfortable in who I am. But I am getting there- I know that the Me still needs to be accepted by myself. A little confusing I guess:D. The reason I am writing this is because I have decided to keep my thoughts in a wider perspective, so than when I finally reach the Me I am supposed to be, I can look back at the beginning of the journey.